Sukhvir's life timeline

  • I was born.

    I was born.
    On august 4th 1999 it was the greatest day ever, I was born. I was born in the most excellent town ever of course Flemington, New Jersey. I was born at 6:02 pm. When I was born I was 9.5 lbs. Clearly you can tell I turned out to be a great kid.
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    Sukhvirs life

  • Kindergarten Graduation

    Kindergarten Graduation
    My kindergarten graduation was one of the best and scariest days of my life and I’m going to tell you why. First of all the wait to get my diploma took forever because my last name started with an S. But finally it was time I was so scared because parents were watching. But when they called my name I knew it was time. So I faced my fears and went up there. It was frightening at first but then I thought, “Hey this isn’t half bad”. Afterwards there was a great party. Graduating from kindergarten
  • 7th birthday

    When I turned seven I had the best birthday
  • My trip to Six Flags

    In 2nd I went to an amusement park called Six Flags
  • My trip to India

    In the summer of 2008 I went to visit some of my family in India
  • My trip to Canada

    My trip to Canada
    In third grade I went to Canada to visit my favorite cousins. I stayed in Canada for four days and each one was filled with 100% fun. We went the best water park ever, Marine Land. The best ride was the twisty water slide especially because there was a huge splash at the end. We also visited the CN Tower it’s the tallest tower in Canada, it had to have been at least 1,000 feet tall! As you can see I had a great time in Canada
  • My first football game

    My first football game
    My first football game was great I had so much fun. My game was in Green Bay so it wasn’t too far away. When I got there my coach did whatever he could to get us pumped up for the game. By the end of the game we won and I made 3 tackles. Clearly my football game was awesome.
  • Funset Boulevard

    I went to one of the coolest places ever in 2009, Funset Boulevard
  • Brewer Game

    Brewer Game
    In June 2010 I went to a Brewer game with my friend Cole, my sister and my dad, Once we got there finding the seats was so hard. Before the game started I went to the pro shop and got an autographed baseball with Cole. It was awesome it was signed by the whole team! The game was great and the Brewers won.
  • Go-Karting

    In August 2010 I went go-kart racing for the first time