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    Katie's Timeline

  • My trip home from the hospital two days after I was born

    My trip home from the hospital two days after I was born
    This is a picture of when I was two days old coming home from the hospital. To begin, I was born on May 28th, 1999. I was born around 12:40 p.m. (maybe that’s why I’m always hungry…) during a Packer game. Also, the people that were in the hospital when I was born were my mom and dad, Grammie and Grampa, and my sister Jackie. To this day, every one always says I’m a big baby.
  • My first halloween

    My first halloween
    This is me on my first halloween. I was peas in a pod
  • kneeboarding

  • Family picture 2004

    Family picture 2004
    Every year we have a hammock picture every year but this is my whole family on my dads side.We have 8 adults and 8 kids.
  • When I broke my leg

    I broke my leg 2 weeks before my first day of kindergarten
  • Dance

    In this picture this is my second year of dance and I danced for 3 years.
  • Jackie her friends and I

    Jackie her friends and I
    This is a pic. of Jackie, Kayla, Alexis and I after marching band. My sister Jackie was born on August 19, 1996.
  • Sara and Katie!

    Sara and Katie!
  • Fancy night in Florida

    Fancy night in Florida
    Amy and I are in our fancy outfits of fancy night in Sanibel Florida. We overlapped for 3 days!
  • My piano recital

    My piano recital
  • Dock jumping!

    Dock jumping!
    Although our dock is sinking into the sand, we don’t care and we jump off it any way. We created dock jumping in august 20, 2009. In this picture my cousins Katie, Natalie, and I are jumping off the dock. Also, when guests come to Michigan, its one of their favorite things to do. Clearly, dock jumping is a blast and anyone can do it.