Events in my Life Time

By alexiad
  • The Day my dad and mom met

    On September19th,2003 my mom (step mom) and dad met.
  • The Day I Got Stiches

    I got stiches in August of 2004.
  • Divorced

    My mom and dad got divorced in August of 2005.
  • Uncle died

    In May of 2006, my uncle died.
  • Living With Full Time With Dad

    I when to live with my dad full time in June of 2006.
  • Engaged

    In December of 2006, my mom (step mom) and dad got engaged.
  • Moving

    I moved to Pulaski,Wisconson on August 17th, 2007.
  • My cat Coraline

    In October of 2009, I got my cat Coraline.
  • My Great Grandma died

    My Great Grandma died in July of 2010.