Annika's life

  • The Day I was born

  • First Christmas

    First Christmas
  • My Mom's Birthday

  • Maddy's birthday

  • Princesses. Party

    Princesses. Party
    This is me, my sister and my friends playing dress up. We were pretending to be princesses. Going left to right there is Annie, Me, my sister Maddy, and Emily. This was special because it’s the first time I can remember playing princesses. This was a very fun day!
  • The day Jonah was born

    The day Jonah was born
    When my brother was born August 29th, 2004my little brother Jonah was born. He is now 7 and in 1st grade. When he was born we liked to call him birdie boy because he had so much hair. He now loves Star wars, Scooby Doo and race cars. Overall he is an awesome little brother. =)
  • My dads Birthday

  • I broke my arm

    I broke my arm 1 week before school started by falling off the top of a slide.
  • South Dakota trip

    South Dakota trip
  • The we brought Winnie home

    The we brought Winnie home
    The day we brought Winnie home August 21st 2008 I got a dog named Winnie.
    She is a 7 year old, King Charles Cavalier
    Spaniel. She loves Walks and tasty treats.
    One weird thing about her is she never
    barks. This day was definitely one of the
    most important days of my life!! :)
  • Gizmo

    Gizmo the Cat
    November 27th 2009 we found a cat named Gizmo. It all started when we were at my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and we were outside when we heard a soft meowing coming from behind my grandpa’s truck. We looked behind it and saw a cute, little, fuzzy cat sitting there! My aunt wanted to keep it really bad but it turned out it was our grandma’s neighbors. Luckily she said they could keep it. It now happily lives at our cousin’s house.
  • Fun 4rth of July

    Fun 4rth of July
    Fun 4rth of July
    This Year on 4rth of July we went swimming at my aunt and uncle’s house. We spent the whole day there having a great time until it started to rain. We came home and it stopped raining so we went to our neighbor’s cousin’s house to watch fire works. We ended up having a great day
  • The day I got Braces