Ruby's Life

  • The Day I was born

    I was born Decmber 10,1994. In St. Anthony's hospital.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • The first day i started school

    I started ECE at the age of three-years-old.
  • When i got stitches on my forhead

    When i got wire twisers stuck in my forhead
  • The day a new member arrived to my house

    the day my lil brother was born
  • The day my sisster was born

    my sister was born
  • Terrorist Attack

    The day the twin tower feel
  • when i started high school

    The day I started high school
  • A very special day

    The day i had my quinceanera
  • Religous

    when i did my confermation
  • very horrible day

    the day i got shot in the leg with a BBgun