events in my life

By tonys
  • I was born.

    I was born.
    I was born right befor the packer game came back on.
  • My Grandma died.

    My Grandma died.
    My grandma died and grandpa was the sadest of all.
  • My Aunt Diane died.

    My Aunt Diane died.
    My aunt Diane died of cancer like my grandma and my uncle Al had nothingto look forward to.
  • I broke my wrist.

    I broke my wrist becase I was riding my dritbike at night.
  • My Great-graandma died.

    My Great-graandma died.
    My great-grandma died and everyone of her friends and family sowed up at her funeral.
  • Hamburger Day in Seymour.

    Hamburger Day in Seymour.
    The resend why Seymour has is it becase some one made the worlds biggest hamberger so that why Seymour is the home ofthe hamburger. And every year theres a big party in front of Franks places. Then theres a hot air bloon rally with lots of bloons all different colers.Also theres a big prad and they throw out candy. So if you like candy or hamburgers come to Seymour on Hamburger Day
  • My family and I had our driveway cemented.

    Me and my family had our driveway cemented and its fun to play sports on it. It also herts more then grass.
  • My family and I went to Wisconsin Dells.

    My family and I went to Wisconsin Dells.
    Me and my family went to Wisconsin Dells and we had lots of fun.
  • We remodeled our house.

    We remodeled our house and paint the walls also put in wood flooring.