My Life

  • Pk Arrives .

    Pk Arrives .
    I was born at Bellin Hospital.
  • Moving Door.

    When I was two years old I had to get stitches. This happened when my sister and I were playing a game called Elevator. Katelyn and I were at my grandma’s in her bedroom pretending that her closet was the elevator. Katelyn was the butler and shut the door on my head. There was gushing blood out of my head. My sister was so scared she thought I was going to die. My mom rushed me to BellinHospital. When I arrived at the hospital the nurse put me in a bright cold room. Next the doctor put in stitc
  • I Lost my First.

    I lost my first tooth when my mom pulled it out.
  • Preschool.

    I started preschool at at ABVM.
  • I took my first plane ride.

    I took my first plane ride to Arizona were my cousins had a condo.
  • New Cottage.

    New Cottage.
    My famliy bought a cottage on shawano
  • I Started Sports.

    I Started Sports.
    I become interested in sports.
  • A New House was Coming

    A New House was Coming
    My family began to build a new house
  • Trip to Florida.

    Trip to Florida.
    I went to florida with my cousinsand family.
  • Learned how to water ski.

    Learned how to water ski.
    I had so much fun Learning how to water ski.
  • The Big school

    I started middle school.