Michael Tyner timeline

By young1s
  • Birth

    The day i was born.
  • Period: to

    Michael Tyner timeline

  • Ll Sster

    My first and only lil sister.
  • Football

    My first time playing football. I played quartback and safey. i was number 10.
  • Hurrican

    The day Hurrican Katrina hit Louisiana.
  • Best Chrismas Ever

    I got a four wheeler, a helmet and more.
  • Lil Brother

    My first in only lil brother David Tyner.
  • Football

    when i throw my first touchdown
  • Basketball

    My first time play basketball. I played shooting guard. I was number 7.
  • Broken Bones

    The I broke my index finger.
  • Young Love

    The day i met Ashely Cook.
  • Wedding

    My Unlce Terry married Charlott.