Timeline of my Life

  • Rebecca Maisel was born

  • Moved to Mohegan Lake

  • Graduated from Pre-School

    Strawberry Road Learning Center
  • Met my best friend, Ruby Anderson

  • Got my first dog, Buddy

    A friend of the family had him and couldnt take care of him because they had no room in their house for a former racing dog. He needed space to run, large amouts of food and a bed he could fit on.
  • Went to California for the first time

    To visit my great-aunt, my great-uncle, and my 2nd cousin.
  • My dad quit smoking.

  • My brother, Robert, went to UAlbany college.

  • I graduated from George Washington Elementary School.

  • My grandpa passed away

  • My team, the Dynamic Allstars, won 2nd place in our first cheerleading competition

  • My parents were married

    after 14 years of engagement!
  • My great-uncle was diagnosed with Cancer at 90 years old.