The highlights of Dawn's life!

  • born

    I was born on the date of April 10th 1999, in Green Bay Wisconsin at Bellin health.
  • Period: to

    highlights of my life

  • Ambulance

    I got hauled into Community Memorial Hospital with an ambulance because i was too low on iron.
  • brought home my cat

    brought home my cat
    My cat Casey is very playful. She was born August 2nd 2007.
    She has short black shiny fur. Casey likes to groom herself a
    lot! She likes to also sleep a lot but, what kind cat doesn’t like
    to sleep? When she’s not sleeping I like to play with her. She’s really good at catching mice! I got her from the rummage sale at Fairview Elementary School. I was going into 3rd grade when I got her. Casey is a playful and sleepy kitty but yet she’s very loving!
  • When I got Candy my bunny

    When I got Candy my bunny
    My bunny Candy is very friendly. I got my bunny from my moms friends Candace; Candace's nickname is Candy. We named the bunny Candy to thank Candace for giving us my bunny. When we got my bunny back in 2008 she was so small. If I would’ve taken a picture of her when we first got her and then, took a picture of her now you would also see how much she grew. I had my bunny for a long time now and I’m so happy I have her.
  • Jonas concert

    I went to a Jonas brothers concert in Milwaukee with my best friend.
  • my golden birthday

    my golden birthday
    For my golden birthday I got to do something special. My best friend and I went to go get our ears pierced. My friend’s birthday is a couple days after mine, so we both got our ears done for our 10th birthday. The lady told my friend and I told hold the teddy bear. What I was thinking when she said that was “if we’re were supposed to hold the teddy bear then is meant to hurt”? But, it didn’t hurt to get my ears pieced and I’m so glad it didn’t!
  • Wisconsin Dells

    My first time in the Wisconsin Dells waterpark with my best friend!
  • got my puppy April

    got my puppy April
    My puppy April is the most adorable puppy I’ve ever seen. April is a pure black Labrador Retriever with adorable brown eyes. She was born December 8th 2009. A few weeks after she was born, I got to look at all of the puppies to see which one I liked. April was the most quiet and lonesome puppy I saw. When I saw her getting picked on by her siblings I knew I wanted her. So a few weeks after she started eating, I got to take her home! She was brought home on January 26th 2010!
  • Going to missouri

    Going to missouri
    When I went down to Missouri for my Aunt Donna’s and Uncle Gene’s 50th Anniversary. I got to take my first plane ride. My Aunt Colleen, my mom, my sister and I all went down south! We stayed down south for 3 days at my Aunt Jane and Uncle Doug’s house. I got to spend a lot of time with my cousins who I haven’t seen for a long time. At the party, I got to see my mom’s side of the family. I had a wonderful time in Missouri by my family!
    In the picture is my family down in Missouri!
  • Middle school

    Started middle school with all of my friends!