A Decade of my life - Joel Speyer

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    Personal events

  • I bought my house

    I closed on my first house on Brownlee Avenue
  • Ankle injury

    I tore three ligaments in my left ankle playing softball. This changed my life and made me realize that life is fleeting.
  • Completing the Columbus Marathon

    I completed the Columbus Marathon in 3:58:23 after training for 6 months. I may not have done this in my lifetime if it weren't for the ankle injury.
  • Accepted a job in NYC

    I "unofficially" accepted a job with GMG Partners in New York City.
  • Move to New York City (Manhattan)

    I drove to New York City and moved into my 36th floor corner apartment on the west side of Manhattan. I lived with Hans for 20 months.
  • Move to Brooklyn, New York

    I moved to an apartment in the Red Hook/Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn. After moving around several times within Manhattan in a relatively short period of time, I would stay in this apartment for 4 years until I ultimately moved back to Columbus.
  • Change jobs to MidOcean Partners

    My first day at MidOcean Partners. I was hired as the VP-Finance. I would work my butt off for the next 2 1/2 years with little appreciation or recognition.
  • Change jobs to Bank of New York Mellon

    A bad move in retrospect, since I was bored out of my mind. The best thing about my day was the 45-minute walk to/from work via the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Hello Columbus!

    My 7 1/2 year run in NYC was over. After having lost my job due to the failing economy and half-heartedly looking for another accounting job, I decided to move home and take a new career path.
  • Volunteer at JCC summer camp

    I began volunteering at the JCC summer camp. This full-time 8-week experience confirmed my decision to pursue a teaching license for early childhood education. The rest is history...