View of My Life Through Education

  • The Common School

    The Common School
    In the 1830's and 1840's the idea of the common school first emerged. This idea appealed to almost everyone. Many thought it was the path to the American dream. It was the first public schooI, meaning that students did not have to pay to attend. This was very appealing to people, and would also be another reason why more students would attend. I feel that this was a great start to forming the education system for our country. It set up the components for schooling.
  • Attendance law

    Attendance law
    I know that this law was passed in 1918 but could not find the exact date. In 1918 all sates pass the compulsory- mandatory attendance law, meaning that students must attend class. I feel that this is very important to a students learning. If it wasnt for this law then alot of students would skip out on school and would not learn the material needed to graduate. This law is a must to have in our education systems.
  • National Education Association

    National Education Association
    In 1918 the National Education Association Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Schools established 7 curricular goals. I feel that this was positive for the Education System because it mapped out what needed to be taught in the classroom, and all schools were following it. It also helped mold the country together into one with all the new immigrants coming into America. It got everyone on the same page and united.
  • Declaration of Human Rights

    Declaration of Human Rights
    On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I believe that this shaped the lives of all citizens in and out of the classroom. It effected us students in the fact that we must be treated equally. It also gave teachers boundaries, just as students have that they could not step over. The Declaration of Human Rights had a positive impact on the education system.
  • National Defense Education Act

    National Defense Education Act
    One year after Sputnik, Congress passes the national Defense Education Act. This act increased funding for scientific research and science education. This really had an impact on my experience because I am going to school to become a math and science teacher. This gave funding to my area of interest. It also helped expand our knowledge on this subject and we were able to teach more to the students of America.
  • The Education of All Handicapped Children Act

    The Education of All Handicapped Children Act
    This act becomes law in 1975, requiring free and appropriate publice education for disabled children. I feel that this is important because everyone deserves to be given an education. Just because one student is different from everyone else and was born with a disability doesnt mean they should be refused education. I also am very interested in teaching special education so I am glad that this act was passed. I feel that disabled students have just as much to bring to the plate as others.
  • Period: to

    Preschool to College

  • First day of Preschool

    First day of Preschool
    First day of preschool at United Methodist Preschool in Willoughby, Ohio. I remember sitting in a cirle on the alphabet mat and each of us had to sit on a letter and name something that start with that letter. I sat on a "K" and said my name, Karlee. My teacher applauded me. This has and will stick with me through my teaching career. The feeling of having her applaud me made me extremely happy and confident, I want to be the teacher who makes her students feel this way all the time.
  • Educate America Act

    Educate America Act
    The Educate America Act requires all states to develop academic standards that all children are expected to meet. This is very important in the education of students. I feel very strongly that schools need guidelines to follow. That way all children are on the same course and path towards education. When students have a standard set that they are expected to meet then they are more likely to work towards it, rather than is there were not any standards, they would feel that it did not matter.
  • Kindergarten graduation

    Kindergarten graduation
    Kindergarten graduation took place in my school gym, Immaculate Conception in Willoughby. I remember how excited I was for first grade because I got to start to wear a uniform and attend school everyday. I also was sad to leave my teacher, Mrs. Sexton, who I looked up to. As a teacher I want to be that teacher where the students look up to. I feel that teachers are suppose to also form a friendship with each and everyone of their students throughout the year.
  • 2nd grade, learning cursive writing.

    2nd grade, learning cursive writing.
    In 2nd grade I was taught cursive writing by my teacher, Mrs. Wagner. I remember how patient she was with all of us while we were learning and never got mad when we messed up or forgot a letter. I know at times it had to get frustrating to her teaching a class of 30 a new way to write but she never showed it. I want to be able to have the patience and understanding like Mrs. Wagner when I become a teacher.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind Act
    No Child Left Behind Act was signed into law by George W. Bush. This act holds schools accountable for students scores on standards based achievement tests. A students grade is based on the school. If a student does well then it makes the school look good, if a student does poorly it brings the school down. This gives the school incentive to teach all the students the proper material so that they can perform well on the tests.
  • 9/11/01

    Learned of the unfortunate terroist attacks on our country while sitting in my 5th grade class. We immediately went into pray. Our class put together items to make care packages and send across seas to our soliders. Taught me what it meant to help others in a time of need, just like teachers do.
  • 6th grade.

    6th grade.
    On the first day of middle school I had different teachers for different subjects this year for the first time. The thought of becoming a teacher really hit me here. I loved going from class to class and thought it would be fun to teach different students everyday. It gave me the realization of what it would be like if I was a teacher and had new students for every class.
  • Student Bill of Rights Act

    Student Bill of Rights Act
    Although I could not find the exact date, I know that this bill was passed in 2002. This bill ensures that basic educational opportunites are available to all students. This bill hold states accountable for providing all students with the "fundamentals of educational opportunity". This includes high qualified teachers, challenging curricula, up to date textbooks and small classes. I feel that this Bill is extremely important because it has a positive impact on acheivement.
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    I was very sad to leave my friends that I had gone to school with for 9 years of my life but also very excited to see what high school would be like. Throughout the 9 years of being at Immaculate Conception I made very close freindship and relationships with my teachers and friends.I still to this day feel that I can go back and talk to my grade school teachers. I hope to be able to make my students feel as if they can come to me for anything at anytime.
  • coaching

    I was given the opportunity to coach 6th grade cheerleading back at my Elementary school. It taught me responsibility. I had to be at all practices and games. The girls depended on me, as their coach, to be their role model. This is something that I will take with me as a teacher.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    I really enjoyed my first day of high school. I had been nervous about trying to find all my classes and being on time to class. All the teachers and students were very helpful.They were able to point me in the right direction, and when I was a few seconds late they were very understanding. I want to be that type of a teacher when I have a class of my own.
  • Bullying

    It was one of the first weeks of my senior year and there was a freshman that would get his books knocked down everyday after lunch by 3 upperclassmen. This infuriated me and I stepped in and helped put a stop to it. In this case I feel that I helped saved a victim of bullying. I have seen other cases where the victim has not been saved.
  • School Shooting

    It was the start of 3rd period and i was sitting in my math class. We heard a loud boom, and it sounded like a gunshot. Within minutes we were in lock down. A sophmore male student roamed our halls. Fortunately no one was injured. we later found out that this student was bullied by others. Because of being bullied many students could have lost their life that day.
  • Student Suicide

    Sladjana Vidovic, a 16-year-old girl from a local high school, killed herself in 2008, leaving behind a suicide note about students taunting her, mocking her accent and ethnicity and calling her a slut. Sladjana was the cousin of a very close friend of mine. I personally witnessed the aftermath that he and his family had to go through after her death. Not only did bullying take the life of a young girl but also changed the life of her whole family.
  • Broadmoor Field Trip

    Broadmoor Field Trip
    Went on a field trip to Broadmoor school with my senior class. Once there we were able to interact with the special education classes. It made me feel so good inside to see them get so excited once they accomplished something new. This is when i knew i wanted to be a teacher and minor in special education. The feeling I feel when working with these students is unbelievable.
  • High School graduation

    High School graduation
    As I sat at graduation waiting for all the names to be called, I thought about college and my future and how teaching is what I wanted to do with my life. The teachers I had throughout my life thus far are the ones who got me to graduation. Without them I would have not been walking across that stage to recieve my diploma. It is an honor to play such a role in a students life and futue, I want to be able to have the honor of doing so.
  • first day of college classes

    first day of college classes
    Had my first education class with my professor, Dr. Garson. She started to talk about all the benefits of teaching and got me really excited about becoming a teacher. She helped me to realize that teaching was my dream job. She helped each and everyone of us in the pick out our class and got to know us as individuals.
  • Boulevard Elementary

    Boulevard Elementary
    I was assigned to my service learning at Boulevard Elementary School. My teacher in charge is Mrs. Bradley. I love meeting with the students and helping them read. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. I also think that Mrs. Bradley is a very good teacher. I admire the way she teaches and hope to be just like her one day.