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  • I Moved

    When I moved from Hawaii to North Carolina I was scared. My brother on the airplane kept telling me that the plane would crash. When got to North Carolina I didn't know where we were going. When we got to the house i was not to excited because I would lose all my friends. It tought me to make new friends eeverytime you go somewhere diffrent.
  • First Day Of School

    When I got to school I was excited because I would go to a new place. My brother said it was boring except the beginning and the ending of the year. When I got there I was totally bummed out it wasn't fun as I think it was. It changed me by letting me express myself in diffrent ways.
  • When i Got my Bike

    My parents bought me a new bike for no absolute reason. I would ride it around the block for like 30 min. After a few weeks went by I got bored of it so I would do it every now and then. I learned taht you should appricate what you have.
  • When I First went to the Beach

    It was really cool when we first went I was afraid to drown. So I got to the shallow water. My 13 year old cousin told me to go deeper. So I did then a big wave crashed on to me and I almost drowned but my cousin pulled me up from the leg. It changed my life conquer your fears of anything.
  • Me Today

    I got alot new friends in Manning and Chaloner. In 6th grade I thought the school was giant. Now in 7th grade it isn't really that big anymore. I got tons of new friends now. Woot.