The Wonderous Life of Rhiana!

By 22276
  • My First 4th of July!

    My first firework day (So I called it when I was little)
  • Parents got Married

    Love. They got married a year after they met. They met July 10th, 1997. 3 Days before my first birthday, they got married. <3
  • My First Birthday!

    I turned 1!
  • My Brother went to jail.

    Around this time, my brother went to jail for the first time.
  • I made my first best friend!!

    My first friend - Zoey - I made in 3rd Grade! I was so happy!
  • Giant New Years Bash!

    Me and a bunch of friends went New Years Bowling (:
  • My sister Visited us!

    My 18 year old sister came to visit!
  • I TURNED 13!!

    13th Birthday(:
  • My Aunt Died.

  • Gramma came to town.

    My Grandmother came to visit.