DVonte's Life Story =]

Timeline created by ddmj121
  • Birth

    Was born on April 7 . Only weighed 1lb and 12 oz .
  • Period: to

    My Life in the last 10 years

  • First time I had sit up

    I was 3 months old .
  • Took my first steps

    I took my first steps .
  • Mom Died

    Mom died on Christmas of 1995, the year I was born . I was only eight months old so I never really got to know my mom . It was so close to the next day that they put her death date as the 26th when really it was the 25th.
  • Tupac Died

    Tupac Shakur Died .
  • First pottytrained

  • First started school in ECE

    First starting school in ECE at McMeen Elementary .
  • My Cousin Philip was born

    My little cousin was born .
  • First Phone

    Got my first CricKet phone . Nokia . in 1st grade .
  • Disneyland ( First Visit )

    My first visit to disneyland .