CEC American History: Peter H's Timeline

By pthuynh
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born on February 3, 1995 around 11:50 P.M.
  • Period: to

    My Life (Birth to Aug 27 2010)

    I have been alive for 15 years and 7 Months.
  • First Walked

    First Walked
    This was the day I was first able to walk, or the closest to the actual date. Found this info while watching a family video.
  • First Video Game

    First Video Game
    On my third birthday my parents got me a Gameboy Color. They thought this was a great gift for me because when I was two I really enjoyed playing my older brothers games. First Games:
    Pokemon Red
    Legend of Zelda
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    When I have 4, during the holiday season, a new game for the N64 came out. Pokemon Stadium. and with that came a special N64 sale for 50% off. My parents bought it as a gift for My brother and I.
  • 1 Week Gaming Marathon

    1 Week Gaming Marathon
    About ten days before my brother was born my mother had to stay at the hosipital for preperations. During that time my father had to take care of my brother and I. So all three of us dicided to have a 10 day long gaming marathon. We played the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and other games endlessly.
  • Little Brother's Birth

    Little Brother's Birth
    This was the date my younger brother, Aaron, was born.
  • Game Cube

    Game Cube
    It was mid November and the new Nintendo Gamecube was released. And since both my older brother and I had been saving up we bought it without haste.
  • Visit Vietnam

    Visit Vietnam
    My mother and father wanted to visit the home country and some of our family members, so they dicided to bring my big brother, my new baby brother, and I to Vietnam. Even my grandparents, and distant relatives (all in the U.S.) dicided to go too.
  • Moved to Denver

    Moved to Denver
    Due to my parents jobs, we dicided to move from Aurora, CO to Denver, CO. We had to change schools and everything. Luckily I was only in 3rd Grade.
  • MAJOR EVENT: Family Immigrated

    MAJOR EVENT: Family Immigrated
    This was the day when my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins (3) were finally able to move into the U.S. legally and start a life here. They were all family from my mother's side, and there were a total of 5. We plan to immigrate the rest of our family here soon (about 20 others).