Part A (Personal)

  • Being Born

    On February 12, 1995 at 11:57 PM, Julia Lynn Bennett was born :)
  • Getting a pet

    Getting a pet
    We got our first pet, Chance. He was a Yellow Lab.
  • 9/11

    When a plane crashed into the Twin Towers and my mom picked me up from school.
  • Learning to ride a bike

    My sister and her boyfriend taught me how to ride a bike without the training wheels.
  • Going to Florida

    Going to Florida
    My grandpa has a house in Florida so me and my family rode a Greyhound bus to Florida for vacation. And my grandpa drove us back.
  • On a collapsing deck

    On Fathers day me and my family went to my aunts house for dinner and me, my aunt, my mom, my sister and two cousins were sitting on a deck, I was standing and all the sudden the deck fell. It was so scary because we all had to ride the ambulance to the hospital. It was such a random thing.
  • Ocean CIty for the first time!

    My sister had a cheerleading competetion in OC so me, my mom and my bestfriend went with them to the competition. It was my first time ever going to Ocean City.
  • Fifth grade field trip.

    Fifth grade field trip.
    We went on a boat ride in Annapolis, then went to lunch/dinner at the old country buffet!
  • First day of middle school

    First day of middle school
    I started middle school at Windy Hill Middle!
  • I got my first cell phone!

    I got my first cell phone!
    I got a pink Razor looking phone. I was soo excited :)
  • Cheering

    I cheered for the Beach Bucs for two years.
  • My dog died ):

    His name was Chance, he got really sick. It was SO sad ):
  • 1st time i tried to drive

    1st time i tried to drive
    I drove my sisters car down the street, I wasnt very was kinda scary.
  • 1st day of highschool

    @ Northern High. I was sooo nervouse, but then i realized it wasnt that bad!
  • I got a laptop for christmas!

    I got a laptop for christmas!
    I got a red Gateway laptop! I was so exciteddd :)