The amazingly awesome life of Julie

  • I am Born!!!!

  • First Hearing Aids

    Beginning to hear what the world really sounds like!! Of course I don't remember what I heard when I was one year old.
  • Baby brother is born!!

    My brother Jackson is born. He is now the youngest of the cousins. Another member of the family, and another sibling!
  • First day of kindergarten

    Met new friends and learn more skills. Sarted my acedemic and social life.
  • Art work shown in the art art museum

    The art work that I had shown at the Moca art museum, in Fort Collins, was a 3D drawing of a big horn sheep. It was totally awesome seeing my art work at Moca.
  • Death of my 1st dog

    Charlie, my dog, died on february 22, the day my best friend had her first sleep over at my house and the day of my friend's birthday.
  • Got my first cell phone

    More responsibility was being increased when I recieved my first phone. I began to learn how to text and even more!!!!!
  • Catechism(church)

    Catechism is a weekly class that happens at my church. I began taking that class in the beginning of 6th grade. I'm graduating this year, 8th grade!
  • Break It!

    Break It! has inspired me to live a healthier and better lifestyle! I learned new dance moves, what life has to offer, and a great time with friends and teachers.
  • Art work at the Lincoln Center

    For the second time I had my art work shown locally. This time my art work was a painting that I had created using yogurt containers and lids of many beverages. My sister's best friend now owns my art work!
  • Volley ball

    I had my very first volley ball game on my birthday, even though we started CSAPs on my birthday, i had a great day!!! Volleyball changed my life because of learning new skills made school more fun.
  • Art at Lincoln Center(again)

    In April I had my 3rd piece of art work at the Lincoln Center. This piece of art work was a stamp that was all about me. It showed what I am like.
  • Sister gets license

    My sister recieved her licenses last summer, we had so much more fun, and sisterly bonding time.
  • IB Leadership

    I became an IB leader for my school, I had a great time learning about Malaysia and greeting properly. So many memories were gained in only 3 days.