My life story

By 16650
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    This is the day I was born in Las Nieves,Durango,Mexico
  • Period: to


  • Birth of twin girl cousins

    Birth of twin girl cousins
    Two months after I came to the United States I was informed by my mom that my aunt had twin baby girls. This day was a special day for everybody especialy my grandma she always wanted twin baby granddaughter.
  • The time I moved to the United States

    The time I moved to the United States
    I was only 3 years old when I had to say good bye to my famaly. I couldnt understand why I was saying good bye to my famaly until it was to late to turn back and give my last huge thats if we go back there for summer vacation.
  • First Day of Kindergarden

    First Day of Kindergarden
    New friends, tons of new friends was my goal to start school the new school year. Trying to make a good impresion was hard especialy when you couldnt talk english.
  • Summer Vacation

     Summer Vacation
    Going to my homeland Mexico is like Spain winning the world cup. Looking at my grandmas face was so amazing that I got to see her one more time before I went back to the United States.
  • California

    Going to California was a nice expirience not just because I went to Disney Land but because I got to see my dads mom or my grandma. To have a good time we went to the mall and bought a plasma tv and a wii for Christmas and had fun.Unfortunantly I didnt get to finish the rides at Disneyland.
  • My first .22 caliber rifle

    My first .22 caliber rifle
    I always liked to go hunting with my dad and uncles, but never actually fired a real rifle all of them were pellet guns.One morning I saw my uncle bring a rifle case and I never Expected it to be a .22 rifle for me. The best part about it was that it was a new .22 caliber rifle.
  • Disney Land

    Disney Land
    The time was right to spend this Christmas in California again and this time finish Disney Land park rides like space mountain, plash mountain and other more.
  • Football

    It was my first practice at Lincoln Junior High what type of practice? Well it was my football practice, the drils the running was a good exersice and coach Barraza tought me how to never give up to keep trying and belive in who you are.
  • Wresetling

    Coach Wilson is our wresetling coach he is the one responsible for our hustle, dedication and our physical shape. For some wresetling is a sport that people just take other down but its really about who is the top dog.