• I WAS BORN!!!!!!!!

    I WAS BORN!!!!!!!!
    i was born in loveland colorado in mckee medical center
  • i lost my first tooth

  • ALYSSA!!!!!!!!

    my little tumor was born she annoys me, hates me, punces me, is scared of me. BUT... she...copies me, hangs on me, lookes up to me,and most of all loves me!!
  • i learned how to ride my bike

    i learned how to ride my bike
    my good friend jeremy who is now 18 taught me how to ride my bike every step of the way
  • i moved to foco and still here to represent

  • lake powel utah

    lake powel utah
    over the summer of 10' i went to lake powel and saw a funny slogan "where the HELL is hanksvill".i learned how to water ski and wake board and i fully completed a 360 turn on a kneeboard the picture above is or rain bow bridge and i was campig almost right under it