Mi vida

By 6764
  • A new baby

    This is the time when i was born.
  • my first word

    my first word was in september 9th of 1997.The word was mom.
  • I was potty trained

    When i was two years old i was pottry trained so i didnt have to use diapers anymore.
  • i watched my first scary movie

    this day was when i had seen my first scary movie and i peed my pants. well almost so i now i dont watch a lot of scary movies.
  • Came to U.S.A

    i came to the united states of america in 2003 when i was six years old. i crossed the border with my mom and my brother . my dad was already there.
  • first day of school

    this was my first day of school and it was really scared for me because i didnt know nobody and they were strange people.
  • my first birthday at u.s.a

    my first birthday was not far away from when i came to the united states of america.
  • first time to go to 6 flags

    the first time i went to six flags was scary because the rides were big and the scariest ride was the tower of doom it takes you way up in the air and then lets you go and it stopsb only at the end when your about to touch the ground with your feet.
  • grandpa died

    in this year 2008 my grandpa got really really sick and eventually died. he died because someway somehow half of his brain died and he was to old to manage the pain.
  • first day of lincoln jr high