Dakotas' time

By 52365
  • bith

    when i was born
  • Period: to

    Dakotas time

  • study of whales begin

    on my second birth day I went to SEA WORLD and my love for theses creatures began and started studing them.
  • Star Wars

    My mother introduced me to Star Wars
  • School

    my first day at school was pretty cool. It was the only time every one liked me.
  • the day every thing changed

    two days after his birth day my brother was shot twenty times in the chest and was found on the 605 free way
  • my first exspulsion

    after my brother died people started teasing me at the wrong time. so with the anger of my brother dead and people teasing me, I blew up and was expelled after 12 or 13 fights
  • late 2003

    My mother introduced me to one of her old friends who's family pretty much addoppted me into theres
  • I found Godzilla

    One day I turned to the si fi channel and watched a Godzilla 50th aniversery marathon
  • Colorado

    After relizing there was too many gangs and bad memories me and my mother moved to Colorado. I thought It be a good restart but the day I started school It was like california again. Kids were picken on me again and being the fool I am I started gettin in trouble.
  • The Call Of SEA SHEPPARD

    One day A show came on the show was WHALE WARS. After whatching it I went to their web site and sighned up to save the Whales. like their founder/admerial i am willing to die for a Whale. I am currently a Jr. member of SEA SHEPPARD.
  • I found Star Trek

    One night I turned to the Sci-fi channel and whatched the Star Trek: The Next Genereation marathon.
  • today

    I create this biogrophy