my life

By 56117
  • my birth

    i was born
  • Period: to

    my life

  • my little bro was born

    my life was changed for ever i was no longer lonely. at the same time my life was hell because of it
  • I started kindergarten

    my extremely long school life was born. My social life died.
  • my friend died

    he died in a car accident. it was very sad
  • i got my first BB gun

    it was so cool that i finaly had one. it was a red ridrer. I took it out shooting, then shot my house
  • I stabbed my self

  • my parents got divorced

    it changed my life. It allowed me to move to fort collins
  • i moved to fort collins

    it let me go to better schools, have a better life, and have a better chance of going to collage
  • I finished hunter safty

    it allowed my to hunt. it let me bag a deer
  • i was in ah hotel that was held up by gunmen

    it was about 2:30 in the morning when we were let back in after the colorado springs shot tear gass through through the window of the room
  • I killed my first deer

    it ws a hundred eighty pound doe. i shot it at about twenty yards it ran fifty then died