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  • The Day I Was Born

    The Day I Was Born
    My Mom was preganet with me then she had me Nov..17,1995 at 3:00am.
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    Mi Vida

  • My Sis was Born

    My Sis was Born
    The day my sister was born we were in Denver going to visit my grandpa that just had came from mexico and all of a sudden my mom and dad wanted to leave we drove really fast to be able to get to the hospital we almost go in a car crash.We got to the hospital 1hr.passed tehn my mom had my lil sister.
  • first day of school

    first day of school
    my first day of kindergarten was fun but i didnt want to leave my mom.
  • The day my aunt passed away

    The Day my aunt passed away was really sad. she had died from cancer it sucked because my grandpa passed away for the same reason.
  • first day of dance class

    first day of dance class
    The first day of dance class was really fun every one that was there knew how to dance really good to any type of music.They taught me all different kinds of dance moves and i learned really quick.
  • when i learned how to cook!!!!

    when i learned how to cook!!!!
    the day i started to cook was on 4th of july i was helping my mom and grandma make some mexican food for the party and it smelt sooo good and the food looked really good to.
  • first day of Jr.High

    The first day of middle school i was kind of scared but at the same time i was really excited to met new people so i had to wake up early which i didnt want ot but i had to look good for the first day of middle school.The first day was the day i became a Lincoln Lancer.
  • High school

    I cant wait until i get to go to high school.For high school im gonna go to Ft.Collins .