My Birth

By 23450
  • My Birth

    I was born In Fort Collins Co.
  • Started Kindergarten

    Started Kindergarten
    I got the chance to start learning
  • Met My best friend Alicia

    I was happy when i met her because i knew she would always be there for me. To this day we are still friends
  • learned to ride a bike

    learned to ride a bike
    I was really proud of myself because I learned how to ride a bike All by myself with no help from anyone
  • My Uncle Sammy Died

    I was sad by this because i lost him and i barely knew him and i never got a chance to get to know him.
  • My Uncle Ricky

    His death was a huge deal to me because he was close to me and he was my favorite uncle.
  • I graduated from elementary.

    This was big for me because i felt that i actually achieved something.
  • I started middle school.

    I started middle school.
    I felt that I was taking on bigger and better things and I knew I was going to have more challenges and I was going to have to be responsible.
  • I got my first cell phone.

    I got my first cell phone.
    When I got my first cell phone it made me be resposible and it made me focus on school so i wouldn't get it taken away
  • My sister told us she was pregnant.

    I knew that I would have to be more mature and be responsible and ready to help my sister get through the pregnancy and to help with the baby when it's born.
  • Found out my dad might die soon.

    This opened my eyes and made me realize I can't take things for granted and I knew I had to start helping out more.