The Life of Ben Work

By 28072
  • birth

    I was born in Fort Collins
  • First time I broke my wrists

    the first time i broke my wrists was very important to me because it changed my life by starting a chain reaction. I was turned into a different person.
  • first year of basketball

    My first year of basketball was very interesting because I had a cast on. Yet I still did good and won my first and only game not losing.
  • when I learned to windsurf

    the day I learned how to windsurf was frustrating, but when I got it, was fun.
  • first year of swimteam

    my first year of swimteam was hard and fun at the same time. also my dad is the coach so I have to swim harder and in an age group up.
  • blue ribbon

    the first blue ribbon I got was on swimteam. I was swiming an age group up and every one was bigger than me but I got into a trance and before I knew it, it was over.
  • Got my first bow and arrow

    my first bow was hard to shoot because I was only a yongster.
  • I went to middle school

    the first year of middle school was anything but what I thought it would be.
  • my cat toad died

    when my cat died it was so painful. we had to put her down because she was suffering.
  • water world

    my favorite time at water world was awsome. we went on most of the rides and had a blast.
  • I started school

    the day i started school. Again my summer was to short.
  • today

    today is full of mysteries, not expected ... mysteries