Birth of me

By 8363
  • Birth of me

    Birth of me
    i was born in fort collins
  • Period: to

    My time line

  • friend

    made my first friend im still freinds with him this vary day
  • leand how to ridde a bike

    leand how to ridde a bike
    i lerarnd how to ride a bike it was cool
  • fire

    my house burnt downwhen i was a baby
  • school :-(

    school :-(
    started kindergarten
  • bones

    broke my pinkey at a play ground at school
  • mexico

    i went to mexico for a month it was great
  • crash

    my moms car blew up she jumped out just in time.
  • eye

    cut my cornia eretnaa in my eye had to get 3 stiches in my eye ball
  • sk8

    started skate boarding it was awesome
  • middle school

    middle school
    started middal school it was horribal school stinks