Kati's Timeline

  • My Birthday

    When I was born at Mission Hospital on Friday at 12:03 p.m.
  • Disney World

    The day I left to go on my trip to Disney World!
  • Homerun

    The day I got my first homerun!
  • Basketball

    The day I had my first practice of basketball.
  • Go Cart

    Christsmas morning when me and my brother Coery go a go cart!
  • Go Cart

    Me and Corey were driving the go cart in the woods and my jacket got hooked and my cart got ran over my arm.
  • Universal

    The Day we left to got to Universal!
  • My Cousin

    The day my little cousin Zack was born.
  • Tyler Hansbrough

    The day Morgan my mom and I went to a Crossfire basketball game and I met Tyler Hansbrough!
  • 8th Grade

    First day of 8th grade.