my time line

  • My date of birth

    The day i was born.
  • my first vaction

    i went to the beach with my mom and one of her friends.
  • my first pet

    I got my first dog for my birthday it was 4 days late but i love him and i still do:)
  • school

    my first day of school.
  • 1st grade

    1st grade i got held back but i passed the next time:)
  • family

    my mom got married to my step dad. in my second grade year.
  • family loose

    my mom lost my little brother and my grannie died two days later it was a sad time.
  • school/friends

    my third grade year i met one of my good friends seaira cabe
  • vaction and friend

    it was my 4th grade year i met my bffl crystal goff and we went to the lake over summer.