My Life

  • Day I was born.

    Day I was born.
    The day I was born in Tennesse.
  • Moved.

    My Mom, me, my two sisters and my Dad moved from Tennesse to North carolina.
  • My Father past away.

    The day my Dad past away in Tennesse.
  • Sister was born.

    The day my sister was born, she was almost born on my birthday.
  • Beach.

    The first time I went to the beach with all of my family.
  • Started sixth grade.

    Started sixth grade.
    The day I met alot of new people and friends.
  • Got my braces.

    The day we drove to Moorsville to get my braces.
  • Mother past away.

    The day my Mother past away, in her sleep.
  • We moved.

    Me and my sister moved in with my Grandparents.
  • 8th Grade.

    First day of 8th grade.