my life

  • day i was born

    The day i was born about 6 oclock am.
  • rode my first horse

    rode my first horse
    I was about one year old when i rode my first horse and ever sence then i have been hooked.
  • cancer

    My grannie was dignosed with cancer.
  • 2nd grade

    I failed the 2nd grade because i could not read
  • bought my first dog

    I bought my first dog with my own money and got him for christmas.
  • bought my own horse

    I bought joseph for a horse trader and about a year later he turned out to be a differnt breed.
  • death

    My uncle david died, the saddest day
  • trained my first horse

    trained my first horse
    I trained my first horse this day and got bucked off.
  • first parade

    first parade
    I talked my dad into letting my ride joe in the christmas parade.
  • 8th grade

    The new life of 8th grade trying to keep on the good side