my life

  • day i was born

    day i was born
    i was born in a hospital in asheville. my famliy was in the waiting room and dad passed out
  • Had my adnoids took out

    My whole family was there and my pastor was there to. they knocked me out with gas
  • Played soccer

    I started my first soccer game we were the valley grill sharks
  • started kindergarden

    my mom walked me into the school and i was nervous. once i got in there i enjoyed every minute of it
  • started football

    i played for the black bears youth football that is where i meet all my freinds
  • Foound a permant church

    we went to Beaverdam Methodist church. after the first time we went there we loved it
  • i was baptized

    I was baptized in the same church. my family was there
  • started middle school

    i started the six grade there i saw all my friends there.
  • first wrestling match

    we where at asheville and i won
  • started 8th grade

    i started 8th grade had all class that i wanted