my life up to eighth grade

  • my date of birth

    this is the very day i was born at mission hospital in the same room my brother was born
  • the day i joined taekwondo

    i joined taekwondo is becuase at the time i was a very shy kid with out a single shread of self respect i took takwondo to get self confidence
  • the day my mother was diagnosed with krons disease

    this is the day my mother was diagnosed with the disease known as krones disease
  • the day my brother got his licence

    on this day my big brother learend how to drive now me and take rides all over the place
  • the day my baby cousin was born

    my baby cousins name is christan ace vechchio
  • the day my family went on vacation

    this is the day that my entire family went to the lake for the forth of july whith my cousins