My life

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    This was the day month and year I was born
  • Got my ears pierced

    Got my ears pierced
    This was the first year I got my ears pierced at the old Walmart it hurt for a little while but then it stopped I was only 2 months old when I got them done
  • I first learned to dance

    I first learned to dance
    I first learned how to dance at my nenny's house when my mom started to help me. I danced alot after that it was a good thing i learned when I did.
  • The day my mom died

    The day my mom died
    This is the day that my mom died it was the most saddest day of my life I had just started 2nd grade and I was on my way to lunch when they called the office and said that I was checking out. After my dad got me I asked him why he was crying and he said that my mom was with Jesus now and that she wont get sick anymore he took me to go see her before she passed but it was to late she was gone.
  • Moved in with my Stepmom

    Moved in with my Stepmom
    This was the first time me my dad and my brothers moved in with my new stepmom.
  • Went to 3rd grade

    This is the first time I went into 3rd grade and met new people and now I'm friends with all of them.
  • Went to the graveyard for my moms Birthday

    This was a very special day. This day is special because it is my moms Birthday and I went and saw her and stayed until like nine o'clock at night.
  • First got dog bit

    This was the first time I got dog bit!!!!
  • Saw John

    This was the first time I had got to see and talk to my friend John in a long time. He is my best friend and he will always be my best friend we will stay friends forever!!!!
  • First day of School

    This was the first day of 8th grade.