My Life

  • My Date of Birth

    I was born in Asheville. My mom dad and sister where their. I was born 9 lbs 9 ounces.
  • First Time I walked

    First Time I walked
    My mom and dad were their. It was at my
  • First Time in Ocean

    It was at Myrtle Beach. I was wearing a diaper waterlogged diaper.
  • First Dog

    It was Christmas Morning when I got him he was a Black Lab. I don't remember if we gave him away or beacuse he got it by a truck.
  • 1st Soccer Game

    It was the Canton league i played for we probaly had around 10 go throught the team off and on but only 5 showed up at a time we also won the game.
  • Baptismal

    My entire immeditate family was there.
  • First Time flying in an airplane

    I wasn't that nervous but, my sister was having a panick attack.
  • First time in Disney World

    It was problay the best week of my life as far as entertaniment goes.
  • 1st guitar lesson

    It was something i felt that I really enjoyed and am still doing today.
  • Girst Day of 8th Grade

    I am finnaly closer to getting my license.