My Life

  • My date of birth

    this is the day i was born in ashevill, NC my weight was 8pounds 7 ounces.
  • first steps and talked

    this is the day i took my first steps and i talked, i took a long time befor i walked my mom was a little woried about me.
  • started school

    I started preschool,and i learned to swim.
  • lots of new things

    my first fourweler ride,and baceball game,i started elemetary school,learned to ride bike.
  • got my first gift from my papaw

    I got my first gun,i was very excited.
  • started football

    I had my first football game, i was very nervise
  • first sergery

    this is the day i got my tonsils removed, i was very nervise
  • baseball game

    this is the day i got my first home run, and grand slam
  • stuff that happend in june through august

    this is the day i graduated elementery school,started middle school, travel football and baseball, learned to drive my jeep, first worls series, and Cal Ripken experience.
  • started back to school

    started eighth grade