my life!:)

  • my b-day:)

    this is the day i was born. at seven months. wieghted bout 2 or 3 pound... i was little:3
  • my first camping trip

    it was sooooo cool there were soo meny trees and scence we were at lake dugles i could play in da water. the first day i saw a snake a bear and my dad caught a huge fish. i got scared and hide behind my mom. LOL!!! i HATE fish!!
  • my brother:)

    this was the day my brother was born. i didn't lik him. i said him hurts me ears :(
  • the day i broke gage's arm

    the day i broke gage's arm we were playing outside and he did something bad and i took the blame as always. he'd been picking on me all day! he was on da monkey bars called me a mean names and i got mad pushed him off and broked himz arm.
    gage (my childhood friend and now stepbrother)
  • my first day of school

    my first day of school it was sooo cool but i was scared no one would lik me. i was right. when mom would drop me off i would hold on 2 her leg and never let go till the teacher pulled me off then oi made a friend. her name was miranda were still friend:)
  • first big trip

    my first big trip. i went 2 da beach with my cuzin and it was awesome my mom siad there was a hermet crab and i fallowed it for an hour or so she laughted her head off!!!LOl!!:)
  • oops!!

    the day i broke my brothers arm! he was 4 and we was playing on da trampolen. all was good till i tryed 2 get him off and dropped him! OOPS!!

    ON MY FIRSTday i was scared. scared i would get lost but i made it home that day then it became fun yay middle school
  • the day i learned 2 play the flute

    the flute was really hard plus i wanted 2 play da trumpet. but i got youst 2 it and now i'm really good:)
  • frist day of 8th gread

    i love it sooo cool i got the team i wanted and i got the best teacher 4 homeroom MR.SIMMONS:) LOL, I'M SUCH A SUCK UP:)