Wodonga catholic parish

  • catholic in Wodonga

    catholic people have been in Wodonga since 1836
  • the first mass

    The Houn family was the first family celebrated mass by fr. Lovett
  • mass started to be private

    Mass started to be celebrated in private homes
  • St. agustines church

    A small church was built on a view of St Agustines
  • St. Agustines opened

    St. Agustines church was opened in 1876
  • Wodonga parish

    In 1900 Wodonga became a parish of it's on right
  • St. Agustines presbytery was built

    St Agustines presbytery was built and served by Wondonga priests
  • new church

    In 1960 a new church was built in the south of town
  • Sacred heart

    Sacred heart was built and opendin 1967
  • St. Agustines presbytery demolished

    St. Agustines demolished there presbytery in 1990
  • Sacred heart renovated

    In 2010 Sacred heart is being renovated