Napoleon Bonaparte

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  • Nepoleon's Birth

    On this day Nepoleon was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, France
  • When Nepoleon Boneparte started school

    At the age of 10 Nepoleon Boneparte started school, he went to a military boarding school called, Brienne-le-Château.
  • When Napoleon became an officer in the army

    Napoleon Boneparte was an officer in the army, his job was to work out were all the Gunmen and soldiers would be positioned
  • When The French army attacked Austria

    On this day the the French attacked Austria and Nepoleon was in charge.
  • When Nepoleon Boneparte got married

    On this date Nepoleon got married a lady called Josephine de Beauharnais
  • When Nepoleon Tried to take over Egypt

    From 1798-1799 Nepoleon tried to take-over Eqypt
  • When Nepoleon Boneparte Became the 1st Consul of France

    A consul is a person that tells other presedents from other countries what to do but in a nice way
  • When the Arc De Triomph started to get built

    Nepoleon ordered the Arc De Triomph to be built for the soldiers in the wars.
  • When Nepoleon claimed himself the emporer of France

    Nepoleon claimed himself emporer of France
  • Nepoleon's death

    On this day Nepoleon died far from his wife, he was on St Helena Island in the atlantic ocean
  • Period: to

    Nepoleon's life