My life.

By roosta
  • The day I was Born.

  • My first playstation.

  • First rugby game won.

  • First time I rode/ drove a motorbike.

  • First time driving a tractor.

  • When I got my own room.

  • The week that I spent driving around New Zealand and my first ferry ride.

  • First time on a plane.

  • First time I used a gun.

  • When I first got my Freestyle pushbike.

  • The first time I did a Trick on my Freestyle bike.

  • The day I found out that my aunty Debbie Dropped my cousin Taylor on his head when he was a baby.

  • First time I drove a 40 foot launch.

  • The day I got my first X-Box.

  • When I got my first laptop.

  • First time I rode a jet ski.

  • When I went to Jazy's 12th birthday party/ disco.

  • The day I started this.