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Psychology timeline

  • Mother and Father get married

  • Mother and Father decided to try for a baby

  • I was born on my parents wedding anniversary.

    9lbs, 1oz and I was 23inches long
  • I grasped my mothers hand for the first time!

    My mother told me that I grasped her hand on the day after i was born.
  • I started babbling

    I was about 1
  • I said my first words

    I was amost 2
  • I took my first steps

    I was almost 2
  • I said Mamma and Dada

    I said this on my 2nd birthday
  • I started dance classes

    I was a little over 2. I did tap and jazz.
  • I started to play house and play with dolls

    I was a late learner. I did not play with any "girly" toys until the fourth of july when i was about 2 years old. My cousin gave me a doll, and I began to play with it and imagine it having a family and things like that.
  • I started preschool

    I went for two years to advanced preschool- I was almost 3
  • I started to play with real toys

    I was almost 3 years old when I was able to play with real (big girl) toys.
  • My brother Andrew was born

  • my temperment changed

    My brother was born, and I was no longer the center of attention. I acted out and tended to throw a tantrum when all eyes weren't on me.
  • I started Kindergarden

  • I met my current boyfriend Trevor

  • Period: to

    School years

  • I started first grade

    I was turning 6
  • My brother Nicholas was born

  • I started second grade

  • I started third grade

  • I started fourth grade

  • i fought to get an abandoned buildin tore down

    I attended a city council meeting in my town when I was ten, and spoke about how they needed to tear a building down in my town. It was an old bowling ally, but it was starting to decay and I felt it was a hazard and an eye sore.
  • I started fifth grade

  • I started sixth grade

  • I got braces

  • I started seventh grade

  • I began cheerleading

    I was going into 8th grade.
  • I started eighth grade

  • I broke my arm at cheerleading camp

  • I started freshman year of highschool

  • Had my heart broken for the first time

  • I got my first job at dairy queen

    I was 15
  • I broke my arm

    I was at cheerleading camp and fell from the top of a stunt!
  • I began to learn spanish

    I was enrolled in a spanish class for 3 years in highschool
  • I started sophomore year

  • I learned how to drive!

    I started to take a course to learn how to drive! I passed with flying colors!
  • I started junior year

  • I got my first car!

    I got a 2001 dodge neon
  • I started senior year

  • Had my heart broken for the second time

  • Started dating my boyfriend

  • I graduated senior year of highschool

  • I got my first job in a hospital

  • Gradutate nursing school

  • I got married to my highschool sweetheart Trevor

  • I started anesthesia school

  • I got my job as a nurse anesthesiologist

  • I started to travel the world for a year

    My husband and I went to Paris, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Europe, China and Greece. We traveled for one year.
  • I came back from my travels

  • I had my first child

    It was a girl
  • I had my second child

    It was a boy
  • I had my third child

    It was a boy
  • My daughter was married

  • Both sons were married on the same day

    They were extremely close and married twins.
  • My first grandchild was born

    it was a girl.
  • my first and only grandchild was married

  • I died peacefully in my home in my sleep

    I died with my husband and my loved ones by my side. I was almost 100 years old, and lived a full life.