Kelly Carr's Lifeline Project

  • My Birth

    At my birth, my parents had been married for two years and were 24 years old.
  • My First Pet

    My parents adopted a puppy shortly after I was born. His name was Pete and he was my companion until I was 14 when he passed away.
  • Moved to my first house

    Before living in the new house, my parents and I lived is a small apartment. This was one of the first things my dad bought as a result of having his new job at Lockheed.
  • First Day of School

    My first day of kindergarden was at a private school in Marietta, The Academy. I was there for only two years because the tuition was too expensive. I transferred to public school when I was in second grade.
  • The arrival of my little sister

    My sister was a Christmas baby. I remember when she came home. My parents put her in a giant Christmas stocking and took pictures of the two of us.
  • Met my first best friend

    When I was six years old, a met a new girl on my street named Kami. She and I were friends all through elementary, middle, and high school.
  • My first cat

    We had a stray cat that was hanging around our house at this time. We all thought it was a boy until the day it gave birth to 7 kittens. My sister and I were able to keep the fattest kitten, which we named Tiger, and the runt that died shortly after birth. Tiger was with us through my college years.
  • Busted my head open at the skating rink

    While skating at Sparkles in Hiram, GA I was tripped by another skater and I landed on someone else's skate. I stood up thinking I was fine, but my fingers went inside my head. That's when I realized I was in trouble. I rushed to the edge of the rink and found my teacher from daycare. I was rushed to the hospital where I had 10 stiches put in the cut on my forehead.
  • My brother's arrival

    My brother was born when I was nine years old. I remember having to get up at 4 in the morning to go to a neighbors house because my mom had to go to the hospital. He was 9 pounds 14 oz and she didn't have to have a c-section.
  • My brother's curse

    Since my brother was born on Halloween, we always thought he was cursed. On his first birthday, he picked up my dad's cup of extremely hot tea and poured it all over the front of his chest. I remember rushing to the hospital and hearing my mom say "Hugh, what do I do, his skin is rolling off!!" This was such a scary day!!
  • Leaving my home in Marietta to move to Paulding County

    After the arrival of my brother, my parents decided our house was too small for a family of five. So after completing my 4th grade year, my parents moved us to a whole new environment. I moved to a county where very few new people came in and I had a rough time going to school because I wasn't accepted.
  • Blizzard of '93

    On my mother's birthday, it started snowing. We all thought it would snow a little and then it would stop. This storm became known as the "Blizzard of '93." I remember it vividly because I had a friend that was trapped at my house the entire week. We weren't friends much longer after that experience.
  • Started Middle School

    I started 6th grade during the 1993-1994 school year at a brand new middle school. Before, middle school and high school students attended the same school. I was lucky enough to start at a brand new school!!
  • My first boyfriend

    During my 8th grade year, I was asked out by my first boyfriend. We "went out" for about a month when I broke up with him for telling his friends that I was his "Bitch."
  • Starting high school

    This was my first year in high school and I thought I was something else because I was older. Shortly after school started, I was asked out by a junior. My parents wouldn't allow me to date, so the relationship didn't last very long.
  • Got my first car

    My dad bought me a 1987 Saab to drive as my first car. I was a manual so I had to learn how to drive it before I could have it. I had so much fun in that car!!
  • Met my husband, Lucas, for the first time

    At the beginning of my junior year, I was signed up to take a computer class. When I walked in the first day, I noticed this guy that seemed to have the teacher wrapped around his finger. A few weeks into the school year, he told me his name and he picked on my everyday after that. Sometimes he would be so relentless, he would make me cry. My boyfriend at the time wanted to beat him up because I talked about him all the time.
  • My high school boyfriend leaves for college

    I was devistated by this event because we were supposed to graduate together. He was able to graduate early to play baseball at Jacksonville State University. When he left, I thought I would never recover. We broke up shortly after he left.
  • My husband graduates from high school

    My husband's senior year was my junior year and the year we met. He begged me to attend his graduation. I was so upset when he graduated because I thought I would never see him again.
  • My first job

    I began my first job as a "teacher" at a daycare center. This job was terrible because I was the only person in the room with 12 1 and 2 year olds. I remember having to change diapers every 2 hours and by the time I would finish, I would have to start again.
  • My graduation from high school

    I was so excited to graduate from high school because I had big plans to get away from my parents and begin living my own life.
  • My husband returns

    I remember receiving a call from Lucas one afternoon. He wanted to see if I was free from my high school boyfriend and if so wanted to go on a date. I went on a date with him and we dated for about a month and a half. He was still hung up on his ex and I was still hung up on mine so our relationship didn't last long.
  • Started college at JSU

    I began my first semester as a free person. I was confident in my ability to be successful in college and worked really hard. In addition to being a student, I had joined a sorority, Delta Zeta. I was having a fantastic time living my new life.
  • Had to change colleges

    After an increase in my tuition, my parents decided I needed to attend a school in Georgia because I would have the hope scholarship and could go to school for free. I transferred to the Univesrity of West Georgia in the fall of 2001 to get a degree in education.
  • Moved into my first apartment

    Room and board at West Georgia was much more expensive that at JSU so my parents decided to find me an apartment. I moved into a place where four people lived together in one apartment. I had my own room and bathroom, but shared the kitchen and living room with three other girls. One of the girls, Jennifer, and I got along really well and decided to move into a different apartment together.
  • My husband returns

    While out with friends, my parents took a phone message from Lucas. He had called wanting to talk to me and left his phone number. I called him that night and we talked for hours. I was dating someone else at the time so we just talked on the phone every now and then.
  • Second, first date with my husband

    The guy I was seeing ended up cheating on me, so I called Lucas and we went out on our second first date since we kind-of dated before. It was the best date!!! We went to lunch at Chilis and then to Starbucks in Douglasville. I remember him wanting me to call in sick so I could spend the rest of the day with him. It was so much fun!! We talked everyday after that first date.
  • My trip to Jamaica

    I went on a mission trip to Jamaica during my spring break. This was my first time on an airplane and I was terrified. The trip was absolutely amazing!! I couldn't call anyone from home so I wasn't able to talk to my husband that whole week. When I returned, he told me he loved me for the first time!!
  • Gradutated from college

    I graduated from the University of West Georgia in May of 2005 with a degree in Middle Grades Education and a concentration in Math and Science. Without the encouragement of my husband, I wouldn't have made it through college.
  • Moved out of my parent's house and in with my husband

    After my husband injurred himself and needed help, I decided to move in with him so I could help him when he needed. This was devastating to my parents but it was the right choice for me.
  • Started my first Career Job

    Although I taught summer school, I consider this my first career job. I started working at Herschel Jones Middle School as a 6th grade Science teacher. I taught there for 2 years.
  • Got engaged

    After asking for a glass of water, my husband came into the room and handed my the glass. As I drank it, he kept staring at me. I looked in my glass and saw a ring sitting on the ice. Then he proposed and I said "yes!"
  • Bought our first house

    After my husband broke his ankle, living in our third floor apartment wasn't going to work anymore. We made an offer on a house and it was accepted. We closed in July and moved in in August.
  • Got married in Vegas

    After trying to figure out how to plan a wedding on $3,000 budget, my husband and I decided to go to Vegas for eight days and get married and have a honeymoon on that amount of money. We had it all planned out and my family went with us. We left a few days before the wedding and they arrived on the day of our wedding. It was so much fun and different. I can't wait for the day when we can go back for a vacation!!
  • Started my Master's program at University of West Georgia

    After teaching for a year and a half, I decided that I couldn't teach for 30 years and I needed a fall back career within education. I decided to get my Master's in Media to possibly work as a media specialists.
  • Changed job locations

    After working at my first school for 2 years, I decided I had had enough with the things that bothered me. I interviewed at Austin Middle School and was hired as a 7th grade Science teacher. I was so excited because this was my favorite grade level.
  • Graduated with my Master's Degree

    After working on school work for what seemed like forever, I graduated with my Master's degree in Media. I was hired to begin working as a media specialist for the following school year at South Paulding High School.
  • My first year as a media specialist

    I started my first year as a media specialist with a difficult transisiton. I was no longer working in a middle school but a high school setting. This was quite intimidating for me because I had always worked in middle school.
  • Found out I was pregnant with our first child

    After feeling a little funny, I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive! I told my husband by putting bib and a piece of paper saying "We have a baby on board" with the pregnancy test in his car while he was at work. He was totally shocked because we weren't planning on having kids for a while.
  • Found out my position was being cut

    Because of all the buget issues in my county, the superintendent decided to eliminate the second media specialist positions at the high school level. This was my job and because I was hired last, I was the one to go. I thought I was going back into the classroom and later found out I was returning to Austin Middle School as a media specialist.
  • Going back to Austin

    I am returning to the school I left a year ago to be the media specialist. I have extremely excited!!!
  • Graduating with Specialist's Degree

    Hopefully all will go planned and I will be able to graduate in December.
  • Baby due date

    I am due to deliver our first child on December 17th. I am hoping I will be able to finish my Specialist program before its arrival.