Getting Attention

  • Making an Entrance

    They should have known that I would always want their attention when I was born early after my mom went dancing. The doctor had barely walked in the door when I decided I was ready to make my entrance into the world!
  • Early School Supporter

    At five years old I was in a local TV commercial for my Pensecola, FL school district. With my doll stroller, doll and friend I discussed why parents should send their children to schools like Cordova Park Elementary.
  • Halloween

    I'm not sure which teacher inspired my Halloween costume, but at 9 years old I donned a horrible red and black checkered dress, my mom's pointed glasses from the 1960s, and a powdered white bun.
  • Bossy Bits

    With four younger sisters and a younger brother, I put my education to practice and played "School" when I got home. Instead of doing my homework, I enjoyed creating fake worksheets and bossing my siblings around in antique desks on the back porch.
  • Neurosurgeon, what?

    I decided I didn't want to be a teacher anymore and told everyone that I was going to be a neurosurgeon. I even toured the Naval Hospital with my dad where he introduced me to neurologists and neurosurgeons. What was I thinking?
  • Mrs. Savedge

    The moment I walked into Mrs. Savedge's Honors World History class in the 9th grade I knew I had finally found something I was really passionate about. She taught us the textbook history laced with odd facts, scandals, and primary sources. She forced us to think for ourselves, yet encourage individuality and creativity.
  • Hello JMU, Hello CNU

    During the year I spent at JMU I realized that I still wanted to teach but NOT elementary. I transfered to CNU and pursued my BA in History with Certification in Secondary Education.
  • Mrs. Savedge Part 2

    Upon the completion of my degree and coursework, I asked Mrs. Savedge if she would be my cooperating teacher. I was given the honor of not only learning history from her but also exemplary teaching strategies and an inspiration.
  • Australians all let us rejoice...

    After living in Australia since my August 2004 wedding and volunteering at a local primary school, I finally was given governmental approval to begin teaching. I went through a 3 day overseas trained teaching orientation and landed a job at a local K-12 school. My year at Portland Central School teaching the children of low-socio economic families allowed me to learn cooperative learning strategies, differentiation, and LOTS of patience and time management with over 9 preps!
  • Horizons Hampton Roads

    In May 2007 my husband, 3 month old daughter and I moved back to VA where I was truly lucky to obtain a much-coveted teaching postition with HHR at Norfolk Collegiate. I am responsible for enriching the lives of many free/reduced lunch students we all teach.
  • Ahead of the Curve

    At 8pm on a Tuesday I was doing some checking of school teaching openings and Larkspur had just posted one. I emailed Dr. Cunningham with my resume and I got a call at 8am the next morning. I received a call from HR 20 minutes after I left offering me a 7th grade History position!
  • A Semester to Remember

    All of my hard work and constant search for something new paid off when my principal, Mr. Keever, asked me to be a participant in the eTeacher program. A couple of days later I was asked to apply for the DAR award. 2 weeks later, within hours, I found out that I received the award and eteacher postion!