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My Life

  • Welcome to the world!

    Welcome to the world!
    I was born on May 1st, 1987 in Grove Hill, AL. I was the first cut of 3 children my parents have.
  • My Brother Caleb

    My Brother Caleb
    My brother Caleb was born. I am 5 years older than he is and he is the middle of 3 children.
  • Welcome Jonathan !

    Welcome Jonathan !
    My brother Jonathan was born! He is the youngest of all 3 of us. I am 10 years older than he is. He is my parents' miracle baby due to a long and very difficult pregnancy.
  • My first year of college

    My first year of college
    Union UniversityA freshman in college at Union University. These are my roommates Beth and Alyssa. I know what you are thinking... Yes I started college in 2005 and I am still in college. I took some time off when I left Union to get some things in order and make some life decisions.
  • My Boyfriend

    My Boyfriend
    Started my relationship with my boyfriend whom I love very much.
  • A junior at USA

    A junior at USA
    University of South Alabama
    Now I am currently enrolled at the University of South Alabama pursuing my degree in secondary education/math.