• 7.2 Exosystem

    7.2 Exosystem
    One expierence that my dad had that influenced his parenting strategies was when he saw a family at a ski resort and noticed one father putting a lot of pressure on his son to get better at skiing. At that moment my dad decided that he would not treat his kids like that and allow them to carve their own paths and not force them to do anything they didn't want to do.
  • 1.1 Birth

  • 4.2 First word

    My first word was mama. Obviously she was an important person to me and her continued effort talking to me as I tried to learn how to speak was why she was the first word that i can recall. This is a typical word along with other important things that are around a child during the first 10-12 months, such as a puppy or teddy bear often first words as well.
  • 4.1 Memory

    The first memory that I can recall is when my younger brother was born. I was three at the time and what i remember most was sitting in the hospital with my grandma wondering what it will be like to have a brother, and how my life was about to be different. The theory that best fits my memory is Piagets memory of the broad sense, because i do not recall eveything from that day just sitting and thinking about how there was goin to be somone added to my family.
  • 3.1 Preoperational Magnetism

    From the ages of 2-6 children can often not undertand others peoples views. To teach children about magnetism at this point in there developmental stage i would physically show them how magnetism works for them to better grasp the idea and concept of magnetism
  • 5.1 Kohlbergs and Gender

    Some of the behaviors parker displays in the video is the gender stability development, parker has a sense that gender does not change over time. Parker seems to recognize that she is a girl and recognizes characteristics behind being a girl. I believe she is around 5 or 6.
  • 8.1 Children and Television

    One expierence of TV influence on me was when I used to watch the character 'the Count" on sesame street, I could remember watching him count and physically counting with him to better learn the numbers. This is a good example of cognition from the text, providing entertaining ways to teach kids how to read and count. I know I took a couple of skills learned on TV to the first couple years in the classroom.
  • 5.2 Encouraging gender schemas

    5.2 Encouraging gender schemas
    My Second grade class in elemtrary school had many examples of the gender schema theory. The teacher and the parents that voluteered had many examples of this with alot of the art work we did. Often times the girls art work consisted of pink and glitter and other colors affiliated with girls. While had to paint my art blue or black or red. This is one example of encouraging gender schemas in the class room
  • 6.2 Self Control

    One time that i remember where i demonstrated no self control was when my brother was bugging me on my birthday. My younger brother was giving me a hard time and I about had enough when he jumped on my back so i stood up and he fell. All my friends had to leave my birthday party and i felt that i did not demonstrate any self control and i learned from my mistake.
  • 3.2 Concrete Magnetism

    3.2 Concrete Magnetism
    Unlike the preoperational stage the children in concrete operational stage are able to process mental operations. To teach them about magnetism i would simply introduce the idea on the board and have them read about the idea of magnetism. this would be a effective way for them to learn
  • 7.1 Parental strategies

    7.1 Parental strategies
    My mom and dad got a lot of their parenting influences from their parents, they were both raised under fairly strict parenting and there parenting strategies they used on me and my brother are proof of that. My mom used commited compliance in a variety of different ways whether it was to always say please and thank you or to clean the dishes my mom always reminded me and my brother to be aware of others and we were always cooperative with them.
  • 7.3 Crowds and Cliques

    7.3 Crowds and Cliques
    Throughout my childhood I was always on swim teams. This lead to alot of cliques within the teams many of the teams that i was on got along well and were able to become friends. The whole team was a crowd and when we swam against other teams they saw that we were on the same page and that we all got along.
  • 7.4 Friendship

    When i was Ten i had a friend that was my best buddy we got along really well and we had alot of things in common. We always shared and were able to talk about our emotions which was needed when we had family issues. But as we grew older we grew apart we started doing different things and were not able to stay friends throughout high school
  • 6.1 SelfConcious Emotions

    I can remember on event where i felt self concious emotions. It occured when I was in class after lunch and I had felt really sick and could not stop coughing. I felt self-concious and embarresed, the teacher eventually let me leave the room and i was able to collect myself, I displayed my self concious emotions by getting flustered and not really looking at anyone. I didnt want to go to school the next day.
  • 3.3 Personal Fable

    3.3 Personal Fable
    When i was 12 i had a friend that was went missing. My friends and i went looking for hours and hours until finally i thought logically i figured where would i hide if i was john and sure enough he was at the place i imagined, underneath the pool covers in the garage. This was a time in my life where i applied critical and logical thinking to find our friend john.
  • 1.2 Theories

    One significant point in my life that shaped my development was when i was 8 years old and i was out on a raft in tahoe and i fell in. This event of course freaked me out but i remember my mom diving off the dock to save me. This was a important event in my life and i feel that erikson would interpet this event as something that would shape development at an early stage from a nurture stand point
  • 1.3 Methods

    An event where i would have to get reliable data from a child would be if a child was lost and needed guidance to find his or her parents getting good data would allow me to assist the child.
  • 2.1 Passive Gene Environment Corelation

    an example in my life would be the relationship with my cousins. Their environment was very different from mine. They are somewhat anti social and have been homeschooled their entire lives which i feel the trait of being anti social was inherited in my cousins.
  • 2.2 Active Gene Environment

    An example of possessing the ability to choose my environemtal exposure. is when i was 9 and i had a group of friends that i was not particularly comfortable with, i felt that the environment was unsafe and decided to find new friends.
  • 2.3 Evocated Gene Environment Correlation

    My inheritable behavior from my moms occurs when we both argue we both share some of the same traits, my mother is stubborn as am i and we often butt heads on certain subjects because of our reactions.
  • 2.4 APGAR

    The APGAR of your son looked very healthy from what i could see. His apperance was good he was pink and not blue which is a good sign. His pulse was good and seemed full of energy. He was full of grimace yelling and screaming all good signs. He was very active too moving his legs and arms around. His breathing seemed very good as well overall the baby seemed to have normal signs and a good APGAR score.
  • 6.3 Forclosure

    One time when I felt that I had an example of Eriksons identity was when I was introduced to the two different politcal parties, i was initially introduced to the republican party but after a while i realized it was not for me so i switched my views and personal identity because i became more aware of informed on what that partie was all about.
  • 8.2 School Transitions

    My transition from Elementary school to Junior High was illustrated well in the text. Many of my expierences with adapting to the new physical environment and the fact that we were not in the same room all day made it a tougher transition. Many females did mature earlier than me in junior high and that was a strange time of adopting to different pressures from girls. But i kept high self esteem as much as i could. But i do remember the school transitions being a tough part of my life.