A Dream Come True

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  • A Boy is Born

    A Boy is Born
    About 5:12 a.m I was born in Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center, Manhattan, New York. It was when I took my first breath of earthly air.
  • A Trip to Taiwan

    A Trip to Taiwan
    My father's family in Taiwan were anxious to see me. We flew to Taiwan for the summer. This is the first time I have ever been on an airplane, or even traveled outside of the United States.
  • A New Family Member is Born

    A New Family Member is Born
    Adam, my newborn brother, gets his first feeling of life.
  • Soda?

    During a celebration, grandpa left his beer unattended on the small table. I had a thing for sweet beverages, especially soda. By the looks of the Coor's Light beer can, it was soda to me. Soon after, I quickly snagged the beer, thinking it was soda, and emptied it down.
  • Moved to Pennsylvania

    Moved to Pennsylvania
    My father and his business partner found a nice spot to open a restaurant in Abington, Pennsylvania. Before long, we moved from our home in New York to the small town in Pennsylvania.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    Mom dropped out of college to tend for me while I was still a small baby, but now it seemed I was ready to go to school... for the first time! Welcome to Pre-school.
  • Adoption

    Chobi, a Siberian husky, is abandoned at the Glenside SPCA. Homeless, sad , and lonely, I could not just sit back and watch this poor animal suffer. I decided to adopt Chobi.
  • Roman Delight

    Roman Delight
    Now 16 years old, it was time for me to live up to my responsibilities and find a job. Nearby, a local restaurant, Roman Delight, decided they needed an extra busboy. I proudly accepted the job offer.
  • First Love

    First Love
    Everyone's first love may never work out as planned. It was no different for me. It was worth much more for the experience one must endure once in thier life.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    I successfully completed highschool and graduated from Abington Senior High School. The beginning of my new life had begun.
  • The One?

    The One?
    During the summer months, my family and I traveled to China for a visit. There he atteneded a concert of a young, singing star, Alana.Through some unimaginable way, they meet in the concert hall and seemed interested in each other. She, along with her producers and friends, agreed to visit the United States. Could she be the one?
  • University Graduation

    University Graduation
    I successfully completed my four-year term at Temple University. Now its time for medical school.
  • School is Finally Over

    School is Finally Over
    After four intense years at Temple University School of Medicine, I finally earned the right to become the doctor which was my dream to achieve since childhood.
  • A Miracle Shines Down Upon

    A Miracle Shines Down Upon
    After medical school, I decided it was time to take my life to the next step. Alana decided to stay in the United States, offering the perfect opportunity for action. I proposed to Alana and through true love, she accepted it. Never did I expect could I be married to a pop star.
  • Dr. Gordon Lin

    Dr. Gordon Lin
    Now living in New York City with his new wife, I was offered a job at New York Downtown Hospital. Without hesitation, I accepted and my dream of becoming a physcian is now reality.
  • A New Family

    A New Family
    My daughter was born. We named her Amy.
  • An International Tragedy

    An International Tragedy
    In Sichuan, China, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 devastated the region. Unfortunately, this is my wife's, Alana, hometown. We were both offered to fly down there to help with the recovery cause. She sang for the people to raise charity for the Red Cross. I used my medical knowledge to assist with the relief. This was a life changing experience for both of us.
  • Death of a Father

    Death of a Father
    My father suffered from a mortal sickness, which eventually took his life.
  • Death of a Mother and Brother

    Death of a Mother and Brother
    My mother and brother both were involved in a tragic airplane crash over the Pacific Ocean returning from a trip from China. It was the hardest year of my life, realizing my younger brother had died before me.
  • 10/21

    While celebrating his 46th birthday with my family, I recieved a distress call from work explaining that a terrorist attack has taken place near the White House in D.C. The destruction was enormous and a select few of doctors nearby were called in for help. I happened to be one of those doctors.
  • Doctoral Award

    Doctoral Award
    I was awarded the Doctoral Award of Excellence for outstanding medical work at New York Downtown Hospital.
  • The Research Team

    The Research Team
    Technology convinced scientists that rare herbs in Africa can improve medicine. I was offered an opportunity to travel to Africa's jungles to aid in the research of cures for special diseases. Although I was not a biologist, my job was to keep sure that the team was safe from harm from sickness.
  • A Great Success

    A Great Success
    With years of reasearch and advanced technology, we had successfully founded what may seem to be a type of medicine which makes the human body 98% resistant to the HIV virus. Though the research is sketchy, this is a valuable find as the AIDS cure will soon be discovered.
  • Retirement

    With a wife who once was an active pop star in Asia, I decided it was time to take the life-long break I desired from work to spend time with my family. It was only because of Alana and the excessive amount of money she earned were we able to live life how it was meant to be lived.
  • Everlasting Vacation

    Everlasting Vacation
    My family and I now spend most of our free time traveling around the world, mostly Asia for my wife's satisfaction. We go around the world , helping those in need and donating a portion of the extra money to charity.
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