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My Timeline

By mms1220
  • I was born!

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    My Life

  • First day of HeadStart

    Started HeadStart as a 4 year-old because my birthday was in December and I didn't make the cut for the previous year.
  • Kindergarten

    Kindergarten! From Elementary up through high school, I was always a year older than everyone else. I thought I was so cool.
  • First time out!

    One of those memories that is stuck in my head after all these years. I was sent to time out for doing something wrong and I cried like a baby. I was sure it was the end of the world.
  • Care to knit?

    I was running through my house and dove onto my mother's recliner where she knits and one of her knitting needles went through my chest. My father pulled it out in the bathroom and I went to the doctor the next day. It went through the muscles of my heart and was very close to an artery. My mother still has this needle!
  • First Funeral

    My Memere passed away and I went to my first funeral. It's a vivid memory that I have. Bouquets of flowers still remind me of funerals!
  • Fond Memories

    The actual date is incorrect but the years surroudning 1995 hold several memories. Camping with family, my sister breaking her back falling out of a tree, friends up the street, my sisters and I riding bikes everywhere, Dad having parties in the basement, Mom making our Easter dresses and living a carefree life as a child.
  • My little brother is born!

    My little brother is born! He was the cutest baby ever! I remember my mother in labor. I've never heard he scream so loud!
  • Babysitting

    Shortly after my brother is born, my Mother has me babysit him while she goes to her high school reunion. I was young but old for my age. That's what happens when you have older sisters! I remember being scared because he was so tiny!
  • Middle School

    First day of middle school. Our middle school was attached to our high school so we were pretty much in high school as well. Middle school was fun yet not so fun at the same time.
  • High School

    I began dating my high school boyfriend. I stayed with him throught high school and into college. We are now friends!
  • Graduation!

    I graduate high school, enjoy my summer and begin getting packed for college.
  • Paul Smith's College

    I step foot on the best college campus ever. A very small college located in the heart of the Adirondacks in NY--45 minutes from my house. I make a ton of friends right away and feel right at home.
  • Snowboarding

    I bought myself a snowboard and began my love affair with riding.
  • Lake George, NY

    I move from home and land myself the best summer job ever in Lake George, NY. I worked at a little Mom and Pop's deli in the mountains of NY. I had a lot of fun there.
  • Burton Snowboards

    Another job working for Burton Snowboards out of Saratoga, NY. This job was sweet! I never had to pay for snowboarding gear again!
  • Leaving Paul Smith's

    I leave Paul Smith's because I can no longer afford a private school. I was so close to graduating with a degree in Outdoor Recreation (Useless? Perhaps). It was a sad day/summer for me.
  • West Mountain

    I land another great job in Glens Falls, NY working as a snowboard instructor at West Mountain. I think this was my favorite job and if teaching doesn't work out, this is what I'll be doing!!
  • North Carolina

    I make the move to North Carolina because of a terrible winter. I was fed up with the cold and snow. I moved down with some friends.
  • Keystone Camp

    I begin working as a camp counselor in Brevard, NC. Fun!
  • Keystone Camp

    I go back to Keystone Camp for another year. An all-girls camp where I lived with middle school girls for weeks at a time. This job was the deciding factor in wanting to teach middle school. The actual classroom is quite a bit different than a camp cabin!!
  • East Carolina University

    I start my classes at East Carolina and here I am today!