• 7.2 Exosystem

    7.2 Exosystem
    When my cousin was a couple years old, she still was not very vocal in her communication. My parents were told that her development was a little behind. Therefore, when I was born, my parents read to me everyday to work on my communication skills and to make certain that I would grow up with a grasp of language. The event was not directly effective on me, but it helped shape my parent's parenting strategies and thus indirectly affected me.
  • 1.1 Birth

    1.1 Birth
  • 2.4 APGAR

    2.4 APGAR
    The APGAR measured many different aspects of health. Heart rate was taken by the stethoscope, and he appeared to have a good heart rate. The nurse looked at Nicolai's color and he was a normal colored pink. He had very good respiratory support and reflex response, which could be seen by his vigorous cries. Nicolai showed a significant amount of muslce tone, which could be seen by his active motion. Birth weight and birth size could also be found through the post-birth testing.
  • 4.2 First Word

    4.2 First Word
    My first word was "mum-mum." Mum-mum was a word used to label food, which makes my first word a nominal. As described in the text, my first word was quite typical for a child's first word. The text states that most first words refer to people or objects that are important in their lives. It can be argued that my first words supports this view, as food is very important in a baby's life.
  • 5.1 Kohlberg's & Gender

    I think Parker is around 3 and half to 4 years old. Between ages two and three, the child acquires gender identity, which is the knowledge of a male and female. Parker seems to understand that there are two sexes, which suggests that she is probably older than 3. There is no certainty from the video that Parker has developed gender stability, a sense that gender does not change over time, which would be acquired at age 4.
  • 7.1 Parental Strategies

    7.1 Parental Strategies
    Some of the parental strategies that my parents used based upon the control theory. My actions played a dinstint role in the way that my parents behaved towards me. I often cried about everything, especialy when I did not get my way, My parents had to reduce my excessive behavior by increasing levels of intensity. They tried to calm me down and tell me that I was making a scene. When that did not work, my mother would pinch my leg. I quickly learned that such behavior was not accepatable.
  • 5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas

    5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas
    I went to an all-girls elementary school, but I worked at a Headstart Program from which the issue of gender was important. There was all types of toys, ranging from blocks to dinosaurs to dolls, There were episodes when a little boy would not allow the girl into the treehouse.Two boys were arguing over a dinosaur toy, pushing eachother back and forth.The little girls always seemed to stay close to each other, holding hands, and found more enjoyment in story time.
  • 4.1 Memory

    My earliest memory is when my grandpa used to take me driving in his car, because it was the only way I would stop crying and sleep. I am not certain if I actually remember this episode, or if I remember only because my parents always used to talk about it. The theory that children must develop a "theory of mind" before they can talk about their own past memories, seems to apply here. As a child we must understand our mental state, as well as that of another.
  • 6.2 Self Control

    6.2 Self Control
    My grandparents would always buy my brother and I an icecream treat. I would always eat mine up real quick. However, my brother would saver his, so that when I was done with mine, he would make me wish that I hadn't eaten mine so quickly. One time, left his icecream sitting on the table (definitely tempting me), so I ate it. I had a lack of self control, which I was later punished for, because as the text states, it is "important for instilling a sense of self and for achieving moral behav."
  • 8.1 Children and Television

    8.1 Children and Television
    When I was younger, I used to love watching Power Rangers. I remember telling my brother that one day I would be a Power Ranger too. I used to buy all the Ranger weapons and the pink Power Ranger costume. My inability to realize that the super heros that I so desperately wanted to be apart of, were just actors playing roles, illustrates a key concept of comprehension of television programs.
  • 6.1 Self Conscious Emotions

    When I was in elementary school, I scratched and made a black line across the wall. The scratch was hidden from my parents for quite a while, but when they finally saw it, they immediately jumped to the conclusion that my brother had done it. After my brother recieved the bulk of his punishment, I could not handle the guilt anymore, and my self conscious emotions came out. I ended up telling my parents that I had made the mark, and I got my punishment.
  • 3.1 Preoperational Magnetism

    3.1 Preoperational Magnetism
    I would give the child a magnet, and I would hold two magnets (one with the same poles and one with different poles) . I would then have the child place his magnet near one of mine. If they attract, I would explain that it is because they are opposites. If they repel, I would explain that it is because they have the same poles.
  • 1.3 Methods

    A situation where it is important to get reliable data from kids would be when you are trying to find out what the best way each child learns. Children all learn differently, so it is very important to cater to each student's learning styles, whether it be through visual, verbal, auditory, or kinesthetic approaches. Have a child fill out a questionare asking questions about how they prefer to be taught to and what works best for them.
  • 7.4 Friendship

    7.4 Friendship
    In spite of the rareness of boy-girl friendships during childhood, my best friend during middle childhood was a boy named Ryan. “Girls’ games, such as house and dolls, provide environment for the exchange of thoughts and emotions,” which probably why my best friend was a boy. “Boys are encouraged to play team sports,” and I was a big fan of playing sports.
  • 1.2 Theories

    1.2 Theories
    An event that shaped my development was when I got accepted to Iolani (a well known private school in Hawaii). I transfered from an all girls, small private school to the school that I would graduate from. This new school challenged me and compelled me to work harder in order to suceed. Both academically and athletically, this new school pushed me to be at a higher level. Brofenbrenner would express the notion of how the elements of my new environment were shaping my development.
  • 7.3 Crowds and Cliques

    7.3 Crowds and Cliques
    Growing up, I was part of a very sociable clique. In correlation with the text, many of the girls in my clique were in the same classes and had the same interests, boys. During my adolescence, we did not really have distinct crowds, but I probably would have labeled myself with the jocks, because I played many sports throughout the years.
  • 8.2 School Transitions

    8.2 School Transitions
    The transition from elementary school into middle school was quite a big step. As the book stated, there were so many changes that I had to encounter in the transition: new physical environment, new teachers, and the movement between classes. Such changes were difficult to deal with at first. However, in contrast with the text, I did not undergo a period of depression or lowered self-esteem. I actually felt more confident, because I was moving up and getting older.
  • 3.2 Concrete Magnetism

    For a child in this stage, I would further explore the notion of how opposites attract. The child would also understand that if the magnets can attract to each other and stick, they can also be pulled back apart (reversibility). I would explain the idea of north and south poles. I would give the child magnets to play with and determine for himself if magnetism will occur, because at this stage, operations must be concrete things in order for the child to understand.
  • 2.1 Passive Gene Environment Correlation

    An example of a passive link is the social environment of the home, that our parents have raised us in. In my life, I was raised in a family oriented home, where family always comes first. Despite all the years of fighting with my brother, my parents have taught me that I must be respectful to my brother (because at the end of the day, there is just me and him). This social environment has brought my brother and I to be so close.
  • 2.3 Evocative Gene Environment Correlation

    2.3 Evocative Gene Environment Correlation
    Singing is known to have somewhat of a genetic component. Despite my biological inability to sing, I quite enjoy it. Therefore, when I do sing, it is likely that my peers will turn up the volume dial of the radio, so that they cannot hear my voice. Such an evoked response may in turn lead me to sing louder or not as loud.
  • 3.3 Imaginary Audience

    3.3 Imaginary Audience
    In high school, I had a classmate who would stutter. No one would ever tease him about his speech problems, however, he was always nervous about speaking in class, because he thought everyone would judge him. This formal operational stage is demonstrated through my classmate's abstract thoughts about the nature of society and how they might react to him.
  • 2.2 Active Gene Environment Correlation

    2.2 Active Gene Environment Correlation
    An example of an active link was my selection process of the college that I wanted to attend. I sought out a college because the experiences that I would encounter would be more compatible with my 'genotype.' University of the Pacific provided me with an opportunity to study what I wanted to study, as well as play soccer. I was able to surround myself with an environment that would best suit me.
  • 6.3 Moratium

    A couple years ago, I was in the moratium status, in that I had explored my career options, but did not really come to a decision about what I wanted to pursue. I had explored my career options as both a business woman and a teacher, but I could not commit to either option.
  • 6.4 Achieved

    About a year ago, I finally decided upon a career path that I wanted to pursue. I had explored the many different majors and options, and I could not commit. However, I entered the achieved identity status in which I had explored and committed to the field that I wanted to study.