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My 6th grade life

  • Me starting 6th grade

    Me starting 6th grade
    This is me on the first day of school. I am tying to learn what happens in 6th grade and what the routine is. Also 6th grade is the first year of middle school. So it is my first year of middle school.
  • Period: to

    My 6th grade life

    This is me of my 6th grade life.
  • Me on my Birthday

    Me on my Birthday
    This is me on my 12th birthday. I got an ipod touch and lots of money. I also got a skateboard.
  • Me on Thanksgiving

    Me on Thanksgiving
    During thanksgiving my whole family had a feast. We talked and played games and just have some family fun.
  • Me on Christmas

    Me on Christmas
    During Christmas we went to Cleveland and I got a Dsi and lots of money.
  • Me during Winter

    Me during Winter
    During Winter we just stayed home and played in the snow. Also on january 28th was my sister's birthday. On January 17th is my other sister's birthday. Also on January 17th is my dad's birthday. On January 15th is my mom's birthday. Our family has a lot of birthdays in January.
  • Me on Valentines Day

    Me on Valentines Day
    On Valentines Day I just went to school and do what ever I do everyday.
  • Me on St.Patricks Day

    Me on St.Patricks Day
    During St.Patricks Day I just went to school and wore green.
  • Me now

    Me now
    Now I'm in school just living a normal life. This is the funniest picture ever of Gaby.