My Life

By meghaen
  • I'm born

    I'm born
    I, Meghaen Mleczek, is born on July 31st in 1998 out of Mexican-French and Polish parents. I was very cute.
  • 9-11 hits the world.

    9-11 hits the world.
    When I was about three years old, 9-11 hits USA. Now we always now when it's September 11th because everyone's full of misery.
  • I leave my old school.

    After years of going to Goethe Public school, I tranfered to St. Benedict Elementary.
  • My Hidden talent

    My Hidden talent
    Ms, Hoffman asked me to write a story, and I told my story to the class. I really liked it and decided to contine writing. Now I wasnt to be a writer.
  • My Aunt Carmen visits.

    My Aunt Carmen visits.
    My Aunt Carmen comes to visit us in Chicago. We had a fun day in China town and at Navy Pier.
  • Natural Performer

    Natural Performer
    I particepatied in Annual School Talent Show doing magic tricks. I didn't feel nervous at all. And I had fun performing. (I'm the only one in my family who likes performing!)
  • Summer buisness

    Summer buisness
    This summer I'm starting a buisness selling jewlery and making money to give tto charity. Wish me luck!